Religious Brothers of St. Patrick

The Brothers’ vocation is a special call from God complete in itself.  Brothers live in a community under the authority of a superior.  We find in our way of life, satisfaction for our tastes and ideals, and we are content in a life for which our God-given talents, abilities and interests have fitted us.

     Being a disciple has to do with following Christ’s example with personal holiness, personal loyalty to Christ and personal love for Christ.

     The Brothers are a group of men who try to follow Christ in their daily life through:

  • Prayer
  • Eucharist
  • Community Living
  • Christian Service

                                  What Does a Brother Do?

The Patrician Community is a group of unique members of differing backgrounds, temperaments, desires, goals, and ideals.  Nevertheless, the community allows such unique and differing members to come together to pray, to share Eucharist, to learn from and help one another and to enjoy community.  Each Brother works for a union of minds and hearts among the members.

Primarily an active congregation, the Brothers view as their highest goal God’s honor and glory by the proper employment of the talents He has given them.  To this end, they follow a way of life that obligates them to the perpetual observance of the vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience and a rule of the congregation.  Joining action to contemplation, the Brothers dedicate themselves to the particular end of their vocation.

The Brother lives his vocation engaged in works suited to the needs of the present time.  Brothers are involved in education and apostolates such as campus ministries, hospital ministries, parish ministries, youth ministries, counseling and charismatic programs.

A Day in the Life of a Brother  

7:00 am—Morning Prayers and Meditation
8:00 am—Holy Mass
8:45 am—Breakfast
9:15 am to 5:00 pm—-Brothers Ministries
5:20 pm—-Evening Prayers
5:40 pm—-Dinner
6:00 pm—Rosary and Night Prayers
6:30 pm—Recreation and Personal Work

                  How To Become a Brother?

Formation formally commences with a pre-Novitiate period of up to two years in which the candidate examines more closely Patrician Brotherhood by living in one of the Patrician communities.  The Novitiate of two years is a time for prayer, reflection and closer study of the Patrician way of life, its rules and Constitution, the bible and catechitics.

Formation concerns the human, spiritual and pastoral dimensions in the development of a Patrician Brother; it is adapted to the needs of the individual and to the Brothers as a whole.  During the time of temporary vows, the Brother pursues college courses and needed.  He will be expected to have or obtain bachelor’s and master’s degree.

We cordially invite prospective candidates who may be considering giving their lives to God’s service and that of youth to look into this mode of life with us.