Project St. Patrick

Project St. Patrick

The goal of Project St. Patrick is to fund grants and support the men and women who choose a religious vocation. Project St. Patrick is a joint Catholic Action program of the AOH and LAOH which was started in 1995. To date over $300,000 has been given out to needy seminarians and religious who are studying to serve our Church. Currently the National Board is reviewing the Program and trying to make adjustments that will make it more proficient.

Funding for Project St. Patrick comes from outright donations from AOH & LAOH State Boards, County Boards and Divisions as well as from individual Hibernians to the Annual PSP Easter Appeal or throughout the year. Project St. Patrick Prayer cards are also an additional source of funding for this program. When a member, family or friend passes away a PSP Card is presented to the family.

Hibernians have remained steadfast in their mission to protect and support priests from the penal days in Ireland to the present. As an Irish-American Catholic organization, we must continue to foster and support vocations both spiritually and financially. Your support in the past is greatly appreciated and hopefully with your continued support we can make this program more successful. Please support Project St. Patrick.

Division One provides a $500 scholarship each year for the religious Brothers of St. Patrick.

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